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Get Your Dog or Puppy Trained On Our Beautiful 40-Acre Ranch
Chris Has Been Training Dogs For Over 20 Years


Dog Training On 40 Beautiful
Black Forest Acres

We want to help you achieve all of your training goals; it all starts with building the bond! Just like with humans, being able to communicate and work towards mutual understanding can drastically improve an already great relationship with your pet! In addition to daily training and all of the positive experiences pets gain from boarding with us, each of our training packages includes one-on-one coaching for you and your dog. This gives you the skills to fluently communicate and establish clear expectations with your dog. As a result you will reach a heightened level of mutual trust, confidence, and respect.

Goldendoodle being trained by Chris Dunlap

Advanced Training Retreats

These are longer and more advanced versions of our "Basic
Training Retreats". Ideal for anyone looking to bring out their pets highest potential. Also recommended for fearful or aggressive pets.

Basic Training Retreats

Total dog make-over! We do all the hard work for you while providing your pet with the best possible care! On top of training and hands on care, your pup will get daily playtime and socialization. At the end of their stay we will be there to coach you on how to maintain everything they learned!

Private Lessons

A private lesson package provides one on one coaching from our world class training director. Let us guide you to renewed communication with your pet! Private lesson packages also include group classes. call to learn more.

Group Classes

Group classes are designed as a way for our graduates to maintain training around real life, controlled distractions. It is also an opportunity for proper socialization. This is for graduates only, not a starting place, and is included in all training programs.

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8 Week Training Retreat

6 Week Training Retreat

3 Week Training Retreat

2 Week Training Retreat

Private Lesson Package

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All “Training Retreats” include follow up lessons and unlimited group classes

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